Monday, July 24, 2006

July 20, 2006 Sawgrass Stash

Alex and I are so excited about Geocaching, we decided to get another one in before our vacations on Friday. We really wanted to pick up a travel bug to take to Maine. I've lived in St. Petersburg for 5 years and never visited Sawgrass Lake Park. It was beautiful. The clues for Sawgrass Stash were excellent and we even learned a lot along the way. We found a travel bug, but I mistakenly detached it from its keychain. I realized this when I logged into the site to track the bug. I emailed the person who started it to ask him what to do. As it turns out, he also received an email from the people who had the keychain portion. He asked me to mail it to them. Problem solved. This is such an interesting process.

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